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rob statham

Lakis Economou (Bass)

Lakis is a versatile player. He can switch from ethnic to Rock to Jazz or Latin or Funk on electric or the double bass. Born in Athens Greece. His cousin introduced him to the music of Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Blood Sweat & Tears, 'smiling faces still echoing in my mind' he recalls. He picked up the electric bass at the age of 19 and three months later played his first blues gig. Shortly after that he formed a radical progressive band Emminos Roi later Apocalypsis (Y. Palamidas, V. Dertilis), playing some gigs in Athens including Kitaro club supporting Socrates, jointed Schmeterling (A. Papalambrou, Y. gato Grivaco, D. Dimitracas). Other artists to his credit including Pete & Roys, D. John, Efapax blues band, Y. (Bach) Spyropoulos, N. Asimos, P. Sidiropoulos I. Triandafilides, Y. Zouganelis, e.t.c In 1982 he met piano player composer C. Voutsinas and the collaboration lead to many live and recording sessions. In the mean time he was gigging regularly backing up Greek pop artists E. Dimou, Pashalis, Opa etc. In 1986 Lakis moved to London and he has appeared on many projects, playing clubs and jamms. Worked with Nick Duckett's Deep, Gilbert Gabriel (Dream Academy), Polly Styrene (Xrayspecs), John, Mizzarolli, Stevie Z, Gwen Ashton, Steve Lambert, Sashi, Jason Rebello, Chris Berry, Antonio Forcione, Chris 'snake' Davis, Lynn Dobson, Nazzareno Ercoli, Doug Conner, Roberto Manzin, Lorry Morgan trio, Paul Weinreb's Tarantula, Brian Abrahams, Claude Deppa, Guy Turner trio, Bilbo Berger (Heatwave), Alex Maguire, Holly Roberts, Dino Gaccia, Alex Stanford, Tony Natale, Olivier Campana, Turnhip, Jimmy C., Bukie Leo, Aquaba and others.